I Have Never Loved You More: Part 4

I’m back today with another installment of one of my all-time favorite blog series: I’ve Never Loved You More. For anyone new here, my I Have Never Loved You More series is a way to celebrate those little moments that make up a life. It’s a way to record the quirks and the every day decisions that make a marriage. And, when we’re old and toothless and celebrating our 75th anniversary, we’ll go back through all the little papers where we’ve written down these moments and read them and laugh and cry and marvel at the beautiful life we created together. It’s a way to memorialize the everyday moments that we never want to ignore or forget.

I have never loved you more…
…than the time we watched every episode of The Big Bang Theory.

If you know our family in real life then you know that we’re not TV people. In fact, we don’t even own a TV. But somehow, in the early days of our marriage, we got hooked on The Big Bang Theory. For Christmas that year, you gifted me every available season of the whole show on DVD. Our evening routine changed to incorporate an episode or two of Sheldon, Leonard, and the gang’s antics. And, once we’d caught up, we used the free version of CBS’s app to watch every new episode as it came out. 

We laughed at Sheldon and Leonard navigating their respective love stories, cringed at Howard’s intense awkwardness, felt sad for Raj’s inability to maintain a relationship with anyone aside from his little dog Cinnamon, and, at times, wondered if the hours we spent on this show were a waste of time. But, in the end, I know they weren’t. We still quote/reference this show. It’s a source of so many of our inside jokes. And, we learned that quality time together is never wasted time. 
We may not have many chances to sit and watch a TV show these days, but we’ll always, always, make time for each other. That didn’t necessarily start with watching The Big Bang Theory, but those hours cemented time together as top priority. And for that, I have never loved you more. 

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Little moments in marriage

June 18, 2021

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