I Have Never Loved You More: Part 1

I teased a couple weeks ago about a new blog series I’d be starting on Mondays now that we finished The Story of Us. I am so excited about this!! This series is the I Have Never Loved You More series. It’s one that I feel very strongly about. Our lives are primarily made of small moments that add up to have big meaning. This is especially true of our marriages. We’re committed to one person for life, and, if we don’t fight to protect that covenant then it’s easy to fall into complacency about it. We never want to become complacent about our marriage!

One thing that I love to do is collect moments. These are primarily seemingly small moments, but they are ones that I never want to forget. Quirky things Kyle does that make him the man I love. Silly moments when we just couldn’t stop laughing. Serious moments when his love and support turned a bad day around. Consistent moments when his patience was greater than mine and both challenged and refreshed me to press on. Hundreds or even thousands of moments and memories that I never want to lose!

So, at the advice of a couple whose marriage and business I really admire, I’ve started collecting these moments. I encourage all of my couples to do this, too. And now I’m going to start sharing some of our moments with you guys! Because, really, it’s these day-in, day-out moments that make up a marriage. And I want ours to be a good one all the days of our life. If you decide to start collecting moments (or if you already do this) let me know!! I want to hear more about it!

I Have Never Loved You More Than…

…that time we took the scenic route through West Virginia before either of us had a GPS.

Kyle and I honeymooned at this gorgeous cabin in the mountains of West Virginia. The cabin is secluded at the top of a hill. It’s surrounded by mountain views, and it’s only a couple of miles from Summersville Lake. The Gauley River (the WV part of Virginia’s the New River which is ultimately the Kanawa River which is a tributary of the Ohio River–since I assume you really came here for a geography lesson ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) runs by the bottom of the hill. The whole valley takes your breath away with its beauty!

After our week in our very own wilderness paradise, we head out across the mountains to go to the wedding of one of my very best friends. I was to be her Matron of Honor, and she and her husband were marrying at the camp where Kyle and I met.

Neither of us had a smart phone at this point, so we made sure to look up directions and print them (probably from MapQuest) before leaving for our own honeymoon. In looking at these maps we saw that we had two route options: be boring and predictable and go back to 81 and take it all the way to Broadway, VA or take the scenic route through the Monongahela National Forest.

We opted for the scenic route.

An Adventure

So, with the windows down, the sunroof open, and U2’s Beautiful Day blaring as loud as my little 1998 Nissan Altima would allow, we set off following our MapQuest directions through the wilds of Wild and Wonderful West Virginia. Several roads that seemed important on the map didn’t exist in reality. And, just as we thought we may be lost, we noticed a sign. “Sign” is really a generous term for it. It was a rickety wooden post with an old wooden shingle that had one faded word printed on it: Bergton. And an arrow pointing to our right.

The camp where our friends were getting married is in Bergton, VA, so we turned and followed the arrow on the somewhat sketchy sign. The road wasn’t paved, and it led directly over the mountain that was standing between us and our destination. Our little Altima bravely forded a couple of creeks on the way over the mountain without disaster (thankfully, since cell service on our little flip phones was out of the question). And, at the other side? Familiar territory.

It may seem silly, but it felt like a victory! There we were, newlyweds with questionably accurate maps and no way to reach out for help, driving a small sedan through creeks and over mountains with just each other, good music, and the thrill of adventure. Doing life together. I don’t remember ever growing impatient with one another on that trip. I don’t remember any tempers flaring. All I remember is holding his strong hand and laughing as we figured things out as we went along. The perfect start to our marriage.

And I’d never loved him more.

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What are some of your “I’ve never loved you more” moments?

Little moments in marriage

June 3, 2019

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