~ My husband and I met at summer camp when we were 16 and 17!
~ Husband is my hero and my home; I'm happy anywhere in the world as long as he's by my side!
~ Fresh mangoes straight from the tree cannot be beaten by any other food on the planet. 
~ Pizza and cookie butter straight from the jar are a close second.
~ Lattes are LIFE. Make it iced, and I'm extra sold!
~ I'm mama to the two sweetest little girls ever.
~ I dream of the day when we have a Golden Retriever named Ruby!
~ 5am is my jam. Hence the lattes. ;)
~ We LOVE to travel! Favorites so far include: Guatemala, Costa Rica, Turkey, Tanzania and England.
~ Top 5 bucket list places incldue: Italy, Iceland, Switzerland, Argentina, and Zambia
~ I ran my first half marathon in college, and I've been hooked ever since!
~ My number one goal is to love others the way Jesus loves us.

Hello! I'm Amy, Jesus-follower, wife, mama, dreamer, and wedding photographer living in Charlotte, NC! I was born and raised in Virginia's rolling hills, and those mountains are always calling. I'm a little indecisive at times (I don't have a favorite color--I have 5; I don't have a favorite season--I love them all), etc. But I do know what's most important to me, and that's the people I've been entrusted with. From my husband and children to every single couple who trusts me with their wedding, you are my people, and I'm thrilled to serve you!

A perfect day to me (when I'm not capturing every moment and detail of your most special day, that is!) looks like fresh coffee and a cinnamon roll at my favorite local coffee shop with Husband, tons of quality time with my babies, a long run or hike, and good friends laughing and sharing around a bonfire to end the day. If that sounds like your kind of day, too, then please say hello! There's always room at the coffee shop table for another cup and cinnamon roll!

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