I Have Never Loved You More: Part 2

Last week I shared the first part of a new Monday Series; my I Have Never Loved You More series is a way to celebrate those little moments that make up a life. It’s a way to record the quirks and the every day decisions that make a marriage. And, when we’re old and toothless and celebrating our 75th anniversary, we’ll go back through all the little papers where we’ve written down these moments and read them and laugh and cry and marvel at the beautiful life we created together. It’s a way to memorialize the everyday moments that we never want to ignore or forget.

I Have Never Loved You More…

Than the times you surprised me by showing up at work for no reason.

Before I was a mom, before I was a wedding photographer, I was a nurse. I worked at one of the biggest hospitals in Charlotte splitting my time between their High Risk Maternity unit and the Women’s Gyn- Oncology unit. Both units had their challenges, and days on either side were long and often stressful. You know that senator who said that nurses play cards on the job? Yeah. We often didn’t even have time to take a pee break.

But, somehow Kyle knew when I was having a stressful day. And, since one of their clients had an office just a block away from the hospital, there were times when I’d come out of a patient’s room only to find my handsome man standing by the nurses’ station waiting for me. He understood how busy we were on the unit, so he only stayed long enough to give me a hug and a kiss. But seeing his smile and feeling his arms around me in the middle of those hard days was always exactly what I needed. His support encouraged me to continue serving and loving my patients well for the remainder of my shift.

And he still supports me and my dreams in the same way today! He plans to accompany me on a wedding day later this summer. I’ll be 36 weeks pregnant, and he wants to help. He wants to carry my gear and force-feed me water and protein bars all day long. And I know that in the middle of the North Carolina August heat at the end of my 3rd trimester when I see my man serving and loving so kindly I’ll fall even more in love with him all over again.

Little moments in marriage; support one another; love one another.
Little moments in marriage

June 10, 2019

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