Whitehead Manor: A Dreamy Charlotte Wedding Venue

There are wedding venues, and then there are Wedding Venues. Whitehead Manor is one of the latter. The manor house itself is a gorgeous Victorian-era home. It was built in 1895, so it’s a little piece of history sitting on 3 gorgeous acres right in Charlotte! It’s full of style, luxury, and southern charm, and it’s perfect for any wedding!

It’s so Much More Than A Pretty Place

But it’s so much more than all of that, too. Picture this:

You, surrounded by your mom, sisters, best friends in a beautiful sunlit room. Mom zips your dress. Your Maid of Honor fluffs your veil. Your heart starts to beat a little faster; it’s almost time. As you walk over to the full-length mirror for the first time, you catch a glance of yourself. And you do a double-take. Who is that, you think at first. It’s just that you’ve never been a bride before! But that woman in the mirror is a bride! As recognition slowly dawns it really sinks in: today, you’re getting married!!

From getting ready you move to this:

You quietly walk out of the door, and there you see him. His back is to you, and you’ve been assured that he won’t turn around until he’s supposed to. So, you start tip-toeing towards him. Your dress rustles around you and swishes across the long, wide wrap-around porch. You can hear the murmur of guests making their way to the ceremony site, but they can’t see you. Not here. Not yet. Finally, after what feels like a long time, you’re close enough to reach out and touch his shoulder. He’s trembling as he turns, ever so slowly. You lock eyes. Both of you start crying.

And finally to this:

The music swells. You hear rustling as guests stand up. Your dad gives you a teary smile and offers you his arm. You step off the porch and start making your way across the lawn. As you round the corner you see it all for the first time. The old tree forming the beautiful natural arch has been decorated with long pieces of white chiffon and a floral garland. And, the best part? Standing right under it is the man of your dreams. Waiting for you. Smiling. Joy absolutely radiating from his face. He sees you, and the tears come. As you join him under the tree, he takes your hands in his and whispers, “You’ve never been more beautiful.”

The People are Gold

Could you picture it? Could you see it? I’ve been married nearly 7 years, but just seeing the property was enough for me to be right back in those moments again! And doesn’t it sound so dreamy?!? Whitehead Manor is truly a spectacular venue, and the team of people who work there? They’re pure gold!

They all do what they do because they love it. It’s more than just a job to them! They love their clients so well, and their heart is to serve each couple well. On your wedding day, you shouldn’t have to worry about setting up beforehand or having to find friends and family to stay up late cleaning afterwards. And the team at Whitehead Manor knows that! It’s a standard part of their amenities package to take care of all the setup and tear down for you! They have a whole team on site for each wedding to help with parking direction, greeting, venue management, and general setup/tear-down help.

From set-up to I do to newlyweds dancing under the stars with their closest friends and family, Whitehead Manor is a rare gem. It’s beautiful and unique (seriously, who else has a tree that grew in such a way to create a perfect arch?!?) with a team that truly cares for you and your dreams for your wedding day. It’s the perfect Charlotte wedding venue.

Whitehead Manor Charlotte Wedding Venue
Whitehead Manor lawn and Fence; Charlotte, NC
Whitehead Manor house; Charlotte NC wedding venue
Whitehead Manor Ceremony Arch; Charlotte NC wedding venue
Imagine this arch draped in white fabric and flowers for your ceremony! (The hammocks come down for weddings!)
Whitehead Manor garden and Gazebo; Charlotte, NC wedding venue
Whitehead Manor Reception Space; Charlotte NC wedding venue
Whitehead Manor lawn; Charlotte, NC wedding venue
Whitehead Manor Gazebo; Charlotte, NC wedding venue
Whitehead Manor Ceremony Site; Charlotte NC wedding venue
These tables and chairs are traded out for Walnut Chiavari chairs for your ceremony.
Whitehead Manor Charlotte NC wedding venue
Charlotte Wedding Venue Whitehead Manor
Whitehead Manor Grounds; Charlotte NC wedding venue

And, if you missed it, The Story of Us Part 1 and The Story of Us Part 2 are both on the blog, too!

Whitehead Manor ceremony site and house

April 3, 2019

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