The Story of Us: Part 2

Last week I shared Part One of Kyle’s and my love story, and today I am beyond thrilled to be back sharing Part Two! In case the fact that I’m a wedding photographer didn’t tip you off, I reeeaaallllyyy love love stories!

The Ice Begins to Thaw

I’d love to say that within a week or two of being at camp Kyle loosened up a little, and I came out of my shell. That, from that moment on, we’ve been together and madly in love. But, alas, life is rarely so simple. And, to be honest, our story is a lot more fun. 🙂

Though I didn’t really come out of my shell much that summer, Kyle definitely loosened up. Immediately we found out that he was a very talented musician. He became the main worship leader at camp almost right away. We also learned that, oddly enough, Kyle was really good at swing dancing! What can I say? I’m married to a man of many talents!!

Some of my earliest memories of the two of us together actually involved a whole bunch of us. We spent many a Friday and Saturday evening out on the basketball court under the stars with Kyle teaching us all how to swing dance. I didn’t know it, but certain members of staff started putting the two of us together as a couple at those weekend staff swing dances.

A Brief Illustration

As a brief aside, I want to share one quick story from that summer just to illustrate exactly how shy I really was. One day maybe halfway through the summer, Kyle’s cabin and my own ended up arriving to lunch on the kitchen deck around the same time. He was wearing a Peanuts shirt on which Charlie Brown had his head back and was yelling “Aaaarghh!” The t-shirt made me smile, so I commented on it. The conversation went something like this:

Amy: “I like your shirt, Kyle.”

Kyle: “Thanks. AAARRRRGGGHHH!!!!”

Amy: visibly jumps and backs away—conversation comes to an awkward close

Back to the Actual Story

The last week that Kyle and I were both at camp, some controversy hit the staff. The exact nature of the controversy is fuzzy now; it probably wasn’t terribly important. But, one evening while walking back to main camp from Fireside (the camp-wide daily evening worship time), Kyle ran to catch up with me. He wanted to hear my thoughts on what was going on, and he asked me if I’d pray for him about something. I agreed, and he said he’d pray for me, too.

Later, back in my cabin, I got my campers all settled down for the night. Just as I was drifting asleep, my eyes flew open. It probably sounds weird, but, in that moment I knew without a doubt that he was, in fact, praying for me.

I honestly don’t remember if I started harboring any romantic ideals about Kyle that first summer. But I do remember that, by the end of the summer, I was proud to consider him a friend. And I was fully aware that I had met, maybe for the first time, a guy my age who was worthy of so much respect. Respect that has only multiplied in the 14 years since that first summer.

Picture of Kyle and I after a staff hike to Tiger Rocks at Camp
Another gem from the deep dark archives! That’s Kyle front and center. He’s the guy with short black hair, deep dimples, and a black t-shirt. And I’m in the back middle in a white t-shirt with the sleeves rolled up.

Come back next Monday for Part 3!

Picture of Kyle and I after a staff hike to Tiger Rocks at Camp

April 2, 2019

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