Introducing: The Bridal Guide!


For the first couple years of my business I sent couples an engagement session style guide. It worked great, and I think a lot of couples found it super helpful!! I hope so anyway! 🙂 But, for the last year, I’ve been realizing how much more information there is that I want to share with my couples. And most couples wonder about more than just what to wear for their engagement session!! So many details go into planning a wedding. It was time for me to create a full Bridal Guide. I knew it would be a big job, but I also knew that it would be worth it! So, in January/Febuary, I purchased a template and sat down to create this huge, beautiful resource!

I’ve already sent the PDF version of it to a few potential couples, and I’m looking into details on how to get it printed magazine-style to include in the welcome gift I send to couples when they book their wedding with me. But the fact is, this 90-page guide is one of my favorite things I’ve ever created, and I can’t wait to get physical copies in the hands of all my couples and brides!!

But, if you know me then you know I can’t sit on a suprise for very long, so I’m sharing all about my 2021 Bridal Guide and my heart behind it here today!


So, first of all, why a Bridal Guide? What even is a Bridal Guide? Why do I need one? Well, as I said above, there are so many details involved in planning a wedding. You can find limitless inspiration on Pinterest, but sometimes limitless inspiration is just overwhelming! So I wanted to create a resource that would provide some inspiration (I FILLED it with beautiful images and pictures to help get you even more excited for your own wedding!) as well as answer some Frequently Asked Questions that almost all brides have. I’ve been doing wedding photography for nearly 4 years now, so I’ve seen it all and shot in almost every condition imagineable. I’ve learned a lot from that experience, and I wanted to share it with my couples. So, in addition to answering common questions and sharing some valuable inspiration, I’ve also made sure to include a lot of hints and tips for people deep in the wedding planning stage!


That’s a lot of general information which is only helpful in theory. What exactly is in this magical Bridal Guide, though? Well, first of all, it is truly magical. 😉 And second of all, I thought it would be fun to share a few of the spreads here! So, while I can tell you that the Bridal Guide answers questions like what to wear for your engagement session, what is an unplugged ceremony, what bridal details does your photographer want on the wedding day, and what are the pros/cons of a first look as well as providing sample wedding day timelines for every season, I decided to just show you rather than to keep talking. 😉

The Bridal Guide cover
ALP Bridal Guide 2021
The Bridal Guide
The ALP Bridal Guide
The Bridal Guide

If you’re a 2021/2022 bride, and you want to see the whole thing, fill out my contact form, and I’ll send you the PDF version! And, if you want more helpful tips, check out this blog post about bridal details or this one about doing a first look!

March 12, 2021

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    Ahh so awesome! It looks lovely Amy!

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