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One question I’m often asked is, “why do I need pictures of my shoes and rings and stuff?” Or, if I’m not asked that, then I’m asked, “well, what bridal details do you want me to have on hand?” Since these two questions really go together, I thought a blog post answering them both in detail might be helpful. 🙂 

Why Do I Need Bridal Details Pictures?

bridal details; bride and groom rings, invitation, bridal bouquet

I understand why having pictures of your shoes can seem excessive. And I also understand why someone may be concerned about paying for 8+ hours of wedding coverage only to have one of those hours be devoted to taking pictures of your shoes and other details. But picture this with me. We’re looking at something 10 years down the road. You have a five year old child, and one day that sweet child comes up to you and says, “What was your wedding like?” So, you pull out the first family heirloom in which you ever invested: your wedding album. And you snuggle up with this child that you love with all your heart, and you open the album.

Flipping through the pages is like walking through your entire day. Your son or daughter can see the details that you put so much time, thought, and effort into choosing. (S)he sees their dad’s face the moment he first saw you in your dress. They see their grandparents and aunts and uncles celebrating with you. They see your tears as you heard your husband’s vows. They see how much fun everyone had at the reception. They can practically re-live the entire day with you. 

Now imagine that same scenario with a grandchild. Maybe even a great-grandchild! Generations to come can see the love that built their family! And the day started with your bridal details. Are those details as important as the vows you and your spouse are making to one another? Of course not! But you care enough about them to choose them, so I care enough about them to document them. 🙂 

Bride's engagement ring detail

What if I’d Prefer to Have That Hour of Coverage at the Reception Instead?

bridal details: bride's shoes, bride and groom rings, boutonniere, and bride's veil

This is a great question! And one I want to go ahead and address publicly in writing. 😉 As I stated above, if you cared enough about your bridal detials to choose them and include them in your wedding then I care enough about them to photograph them. In fact, I care about these details so much that I actually gift every single couple who books me for a full wedding day with an extra hour of coverage. So, when you inquire with me, and I send you my pricing guide, you’ll notice that it says that each wedding starts with 8 hours of wedding day coverage and that you can purchase additional hours. Well, what the pricing guide doesn’t say is that the 8 hours mentioned is really 9.

Once you’ve booked me, and I create your custom timeline, you can see that I arrive an hour earlier than necessary specifically to give me plenty of time to photograph these details. So there is no need to fear; I will never, ever walk out of your reception early because I don’t even count that hour of bridal details in the 8 hours of coverage you’re purchasing. That time is a gift! 🙂

Bridal bouquet and bride and groom's rings; bridal details

What Bridal Details Do I Need to Have on Hand?

bridal details; wedding rings, bride's shoes, and bridal bouquet

The final question most people ask me about their bridal details is what items do I even need to have available for pictures. I send every couple who books me a Bridal Guide, and I share a lot of information about this in there. But bridal details includes just about anything. I share below a basic list to help you start, but just know that anything you care about enough to wear or include on your wedding day counts.

Some unique examples that I personally photographed before include a piece of lace from the bridal gown of a mom or grandma sewn into the bride’s dress, a fur cape that belonged to the bride’s grandmother, a ring bearer pillow made from the mother of the groom’s bridal gown, and antique jewelry handed down through multiple generations. Other examples include:

  • The dress
  • The veil and other hair pieces
  • All 3 rings
  • Something borrowed and something blue
  • Invitation suite
  • Shoes
  • Bouquet and Bout
  • Jewelry
  • Perfume
Bridal details: bride's shoes, rings, garter, and jewelry

Final Details

wedding gown

Bridal details is honestly one of my favorite parts of the wedding day. I love seeing all the little touches that you loved enough to include on your big day. Arranging them perfectly really starts my creativity and helps me get in the zone to document your day. Plus, I love picturing that moment I described above when you snuggle up with someone from a future generation–someone who wasn’t even there!!– and show them your wedding images and allow them to walk through the day with you. From bridal details to the grand exit, it all forms the day that started your family, and that is something really special. 🙂

Check back on Friday, too, because I’m sharing a wedding I haven’t shared yet that included some really sweet details!! I can’t wait to show you!

bridal details

February 23, 2021

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