How To Plan A Pandemic Wedding: Part 3

For the last two weeks I’ve shared tips to help you plan a pandemic wedding. Today I share the final installment of this series with 8 additional tips. Again, this was written in collaboration with Heather Muto of Heatherly Event Design. Heather and I are also teaming up with some of Charlotte’s best vendors for a give-away. Follow along on Instagram tomorrow for all of those details. And now, without further ado…

8 Tips to Plan a Pandemic Wedding

1. Have a Plan B (and maybe a Plan C)

This is NOT normally how we plan weddings. In fact, contingency plans aren’t usually encouraged in marriage. 😉 But these are wild times, and a backup plan (or two) might be a good idea. Book your date, but, if it’s during an uncertain time have a couple of ideas for backup dates to run by your vendors just in case. Also, be upfront in asking about refund and rescheduling policies.

2. Take a Look at Your Guest List

It may be helpful to put your guest list in order. Top ten, top 25, top 50, etc. That way you’re prepared no matter what restrictions may apply. My husband and I both come from larger tight-knit families, so I KNOW how hard this is! But start with immediate family (or your closest friends) and build from there.

3. Make it Outside

I know outdoor weddings are a bit of a gamble since rain is impossible to predict months in advance, but, even with the uncertainty of weather, there are ways to adapt wedding plans to keep them open-air friendly. That’s a post for another day, but suffice it to say there are some truly classy, beautiful, creative ideas for this! See below for a couple of ideas I found on Pinterest for this (not my images).

4. Think Outside the Box for Your Reception

If you and your fiance looooove to dance and want nothing more than to party all night on the dance floor then rescheduling may be your best bet. But, if you’re planning to dance at your reception simply because you think that’s just what people do, then let me set you free right now. There are sooooo many other options! Having all of your guests on a 10’x10’ dance floor mayyyy not be the safest option right now. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t have an awesome reception. One alternative could be a talent show. Have guests sign up to perform their acts–my brother and sister-in-law did this for their wedding, and it was so fun!! Or, what about an extended cocktail hour with an awesome mobile cocktail bar and lawn games? Or a relaxed meal with a garden party type vibe where you actually sit down, eat, and chat with your guests. If you want a dance alternative there are tons of options!

5. Take a Close Look At Meal Time

Meal service provides the highest touch-point segment of the entire wedding day, except, perhaps, for dancing. Even if only 25 guests and 10 vendors attend your wedding, if each of them touches the buffet utensils that adds up to a lot. Consider having a plated dinner or, at the very least, people to serve the buffet. This majorly decreases those common touch-points.

6. Be Ok With Masks

I know they’re not the most photogenic accessories out there, but masks kind of come with the 2020 territory. I say this not to make a political statement but because, regardless of how you feel about masks, they’re a large part of life these days. If you don’t want masks in your photos then rescheduling is probably your best bet. Otherwise, expect them. On your guests. On your vendors. In your photos. Etc. You might even consider providing a basket of masks for guests who forget theirs.

Plan a Pandemic Wedding; masks; bridal party

7. Hand Sanitizer of Hand-Washing Stations

Good hand hygiene shouldn’t be a new thing, but it somehow is. Regardless, providing extra locations for guests to properly clean their hands is both thoughtful and necessary.

8. Minimize How Many Vendors are On-Site

Talk to your vendors and see if there’s a way to eliminate how many must be on site at the same time. In the event numbers must be restricted, fewer vendors translates to more space for guests. One vendor I know now offers the perfect packages specifically to reduce the number of vendors on site. Heatherly Event Design created elopement-style pickup packages to suit all of your floral needs. You choose from 4 different package options depending on exactly what you need. These range from a single bouquet and boutonniere to multiples of these and a floral altar piece. This is just one way to reduce how many people must be on-site without sacrificing beauty. Reach out to her for more details!

wedding bouquet; bridal bouquet; Heatherly Event Design
A sample of Heather’s beautiful work (not my image)!!

To re-visit the previous tips check here and here. I’ll be back soon with new content! I hope these helped you as you plan a pandemic wedding.

Plan a Pandemic Wedding

July 14, 2020

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