Surprise Proposal at North Corner Haven

“Let’s go try these shooting clays!” Hannah was a little perplexed at the idea, but she knew that her best friend Taylor was always up for anything, so she went with it. She definitely wasn’t thinking this girls’ day would end with a surprise proposal!

Shooting clays at North Corner Haven, farm in 
Lancaster, SC near Charlotte

It ended up being three of them: Hannah, Taylor, and Hannah’s sister. The day dawned perfectly: sunny and unseasonably warm, it was a beautiful day at North Corner Haven. They spent the morning with the shooting clays and a charcuterie board and had a blast. Little did Hannah know that the shooting clays were just the pretense to get her to North Corner Haven for Luis’ surprise proposal.

But, I’m getting ahead of myself. ๐Ÿ˜‰

How It All Started

About a year ago, my phone rang. It was my favorite venue in the Charlotte area, and they wanted to know if I was willing to shoot a proposal. Guys, I am ALWAYS willing to shoot a proposal!! The bride-to-be’s best friend Taylor had been scheming with Luis, the groom-to-be. The plan was that Hannah and the girls would try out the shooting clays all morning while Luis and the incredible team at North Corner Haven put together the dreamiest table and a delicious farm-to-table meal. And, while Hannah thought she was enjoying just a morning out with the girls, the rest of her family was making their way to the farm for a small engagement party.

Surprise proposal cookie at North Corner Haven
Surprise proposal at North Corner Haven; table setting for engagement dinner

After their time shooting, Hannah and the girls made their way up to the farmhouse. Luis hid in his pre-appointed spot on the front lawn. Hannah thought they were heading out for a farm tour before lunch, so she followed her friends towards the herb garden. But, seemingly out of nowhere, her friends stopped walking….

Surprise proposal at North Corner Haven in Lancaster SC; groom waiting for bride before engagement
Surprise proposal at North Corner Haven in Lancaster SC; groom waiting for bride before engagement

A Surprise Proposal

Feeling a little confused, Hannah looked back to see what her friends were doing. She had no idea that her whole family was spying from inside the farmhouse! And she definitely had no idea that the love of her life was just around the corner in front of the house! Her friends told her to keep walking, that they’d catch up. Thinking that the day was just getting weirder and weirder, Hannah took a few more steps. And then she saw him.

Surprise proposal, North Corner Haven, Lancaster SC near Charlotte NC

Luis, holding a bouquet of roses with something sparkly in his pocket, was standing there waiting for her. Hannah laughed, and, walking towards him, asked him what in the world he was doing there! She hadn’t guessed yet, but, as he started talking, her eyes filled with tears. And then, the moment she’d been waiting for. He took her hand, dropped to one knee, and asked her to marry him.

She happily said, “Yes!”

She said yes! Surprise Proposal, engagement at North Corner Haven in Lancaster SC
Getting engaged, surprise proposal, North Corner Haven, Lancaster SC near Charlotte NC

A Family Affair

The next thing Hannah knew, the whole family was there on the porch of the farmhouse cheering and clapping. She was stunned to see everyone there, and, for the first time, she noticed the full table set and ready for an engagement party. They FaceTimed Luis’ family in Spain. And then they all gathered together to celebrate.

Everyone celebrates the surprise proposal at North Corner Haven near Charlotte NC
Mom and daughter hug and celebrate the surprise proposal
FaceTiming with the groom's family after the surprise proposal

They spent a beautiful morning on the farm. And Taylor and Luis succeeded in planning the perfect surprise proposal.

Hugs after the surprise proposal at North Corner Haven near Charlotte CN
Bride and groom-to-be! Fiances after their surprise proposal
Her engagement ring is a princess-cut diamond solitaire on a gold band
The surprise proposal

So tell me. What is your engagement story? I want to know in the comments below!! Linking to my own engagement story here. ๐Ÿ™‚

December 31, 2020

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