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Hidden in the North Carolina countryside just outside Charlotte, NC is a gorgeous wedding venue. Circle M Farm wedding venue is managed by Beau Monde Venues and sits in the middle of green, rolling pastures. Once a working farm, Circle M Farm includes everything you could possibly want for your wedding. They offer the use of their dreamy outdoor ceremony space and a fully-restored historic barn for your reception. You and your bridesmaids can enjoy the night before in their gorgeous farmhouse stocked with everything you could possible need. And choose from acres upon acres of field and forest for your portraits. It truly is a little piece of Heaven, and I can’t wait to show you what a wedding at Circle M Farm can look like1

A Circle M Farm Wedding

Picture this. It’s your wedding day at long last. The day you’ve spent months and countless hours planning, prepping, and perfecting. You wake up; the sun streams in through your window and splashes onto the face of your best friend and maid of honor. Then it hits you: it’s finally here!! All of that hard work is about to pay off, and it started with the ultimate kick-off: last night’s sleepover with all your best girls in a beautiful farmhouse. Now, it’s morning, and your hair and makeup artists are knocking on the door ready to get started. You jump out of bed, wake up your besties, and start the day.

Time seems to pass in a vortex. If feels like only 5 minutes pass, and your hair and makeup wrap up; you put on your dress, and walk down the farmhouse stairs. Your dad is waiting at the bottom of the stairs, his back turned. With just two steps to go, you pause and say his name, “Dad?” He turns, and tears instantly fill his eyes. You are the most beautiful bride he’s ever seen. For a moment, time actually stops, and he pulls you into his arms for a long hug.

After a moment, your dad smiles, tells you how gorgeous you look, and offers you his arm. Ready to walk down the aisle, you take a deep breath and close the farmhouse door behind you. First you notice the sun shining. Then you hear the music– your ceremony song plays! Finally, as you pass under the rose trellis, you see your handsome groom waiting for you. Tears stream down his face, but he’s smiling, too. As the sun streams through the trees, you and your beloved partner pledge yourselves to one another.

Dreamy From Beginning to End

From the whirlwind of getting ready through each moment of the ceremony and all the way until the last note of the last song for the last dance fades away, Circle M Farm makes wedding dreams come true every single weekend. The sun sets over the fields creating the most stunning location for golden hour and sunset portraits. The reception barn easily seats all of your guests for dinner at elegant farmhouse tables, and the dance floor boasts plenty of space for even the most enthusiastic dancers.

In short, Circle M Farm offers a luxurious, all-inclusive space where the sky really is the limit. The staff of Beau Monde Venues is knowledgeable, friendly, and professional. From the moment you inquire with them and throughout every interaction and in every detail, they are ready and willing to help bring your wedding dreams to life.

Circle M Farm books quickly and for good reason; if you’re planning a wedding, reach out ASAP. I can’t recommend these guys enough.

Farmhouse and bridal suite at Circle M Farm wedding venue Charlotte NC
Open fields at Circle M Farm wedding venue Charlotte NC
Wedding Ceremony and seating at Circle M Farm wedding ceremony
Wedding Ceremony and seating at Circle M Farm wedding ceremony
Reception barn and patio at Circle M Farm wedding venue Charlotte NC
Wedding Ceremony and seating at Circle M Farm wedding ceremony

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Circle M Farm Wedding Venue

August 18, 2022

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