McAlister-Leftwich House

If you love elegance and beautiful details then today’s post may be for you. McAlister-Leftwich House is one of those wedding venues that just makes you feel like a million bucks from the second you walk in the door. Even the bathrooms are bright and beautiful!

I recently met with Katie who showed me around, and I absolutely fell in love with this venue! From the front walk ceremony option to the garden nook ceremony option to the ballroom and everything in between, McAlister-Leftwich House is a dream!

A Walk Through The Day

It’s impossible to walk through McAlister-Leftwich House and not picture yourself as a bride there! Just imagine it with me for a second! You’ve just finished getting ready. Your hair and makeup were perfected in the most beautiful natural light-filled room you’ve ever been in. You enjoyed a light brunch in the bridal dining room. Your sister, best friends, mom, and grandmother crowded around you as you walked toward the full-length mirror and caught your first glimpse of yourself, the bride. Mom zipped your dress; Grandma fluffed your veil; Sister helped you put your shoes on. Then your best friend handed you the most beautiful bouquet (designed, of course, by the ever talented Andraya Northrup, Mcalister-Leftwich House’s own in-house florist!). And, finally your off.

You make your way towards the tiled hallway. There, at one end of the hallway with his back to you, stands your soon-to-be husband. Time stands still. Your heart starts beating a little faster. Slowly, you walk down the hallway towards him. The sun shines in, and you notice that you’ve been given the most perfect day. At last, you reach out and place one hand on his shoulder. He carefully turns, and tears immediately fill his eyes. He pulls you in for a tight hug and whispers in your ear, “No one has ever looked more beautiful.”

A Mcalister-Leftwich House Ceremony

After spending a few precious moments with your almost husband, you’re bustled off to hide until all of your guests are in place. You’ve chosen to have your ceremony in the garden nook of the McAlister-Leftwich House grounds. And now, as you’re about to finally walk down the aisle, you just can’t wait to see how the vision has come to life!

At last the time has come. You make your way up the steps from the sidewalk to the top of the aisle. You hear the music you so carefully chose. And, as your round the corner, you see all of the people you and your fiance love the most stand to their feet. You knew this would happen, but the moment still takes your breath away. The flower arch is stunning. The weddings guests smile as you walk past. You glance up into your dad’s eyes and notice that he’s crying. And then you see the tears in your groom’s eyes. Through his tears he smiles at you, and, when you’ve finally reached the end of the aisle, he takes your hands in his.

The ceremony, held in this gorgeous location, goes quickly. The reception is the best party you’ve ever attended. You dance the night away with your brand new husband and all of your loved ones. There are toasts and tears, cakes, dances and an abundance of joy and laughter. And then, just like that, you’re married. Your friends and family line up and send you off with bubbles.

As you drive away holding your husband’s hand, you smile and say, “Today couldn’t have been more perfect.”

The McAlister-Leftwich House Experience

Doesn’t that sound incredible?? Couldn’t you see it all play out? It’s a dream come true!! And that’s how the amazing team at McAlister-Leftwich House treats every bride and every couple that come to their gorgeous venue! From the first moment you reach out to them, they will make you feel welcome and valued. I was so impressed by their heart to serve their couples well. And they’re so good at it!

The experience they create for you at the McAlister-Leftwich House is one that can’t be beat. By the time your wedding day rolls around, the girls on staff will feel like friends you couldn’t imagine having a wedding without! And your memories of the day will be some of the happiest, most joy-filled memories of your life.

McAlister-Leftwich House; Greensboro NC wedding venue
McAlister-Leftwich House porch and sign, Greensboro NC wedding venue
McAlister-Leftwich House, Greensboro NC wedding venue
Bridal suite and tiled hallway; wedding venue Greensboro NC
McAlister-Leftwich House Ballroom and indoor ceremony site; Greensboro NC wedding venue
Wedding venue details; bridal suite
Wedding ceremony venue
McAlister-Leftwich House and details; Greensboro NC wedding venue
Bridal Suite and Porch; Wedding Venue Greensboro NC
McAlister-Leftwich House grounds and ballroom; Greensboro NC wedding venue
Bridal suite and porch; Greensboro NC wedding venue
McAlister-Leftwich House

April 24, 2019

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