Friday Fives: 5 Home Design Ideas I’m Obsessed With

*Note: All Images Included in This Post Came From Pinterest–They Are Not Mine*

I mentioned recently on my Instagram that we’ve bought a house!! We have LOVED living in our city these last two years, and I know we’ll miss it. But we fell in love with a house on a half acre in a little town just outside Charlotte. In the end, we couldn’t pass up the spacious yard, an obvious room that’s perfect for homeschooling, guest space, large detached workshop with electricity, and walking distance to all the things we love! It’s actually a really good story, and I’ll have to share it soon! But, for now, suffice it to say that we bought it!

As our move-in date rapidly approaches (yay for fast closings!), I, like any good millennial, have been scouring Pinterest for all the home design inspiration. And, I’ve found some that I absolutely can’t wait to utilize! My husband is a little nervous about all of the carpentry projects I’ve sent him along with a little love note saying, “You’ll build this for me, right?” (To clarify–the projects themselves don’t make him nervous–just the shear volume of the requests.)

Anyway, even though it’s a huge deviation from what I normally post here, I thought it could be fun to share five of these home design elements and ideas that I’m really loving! As noted above, all of the images are from Pinterest. We haven’t moved in yet, so they clearly were not taken by me nor are they of my actual house. 🙂

Without further ado:

5 Home Design Ideas I’m Obsessed With

1. Mint and Copper

Kitchen design with open shelving and mint and copper accents
This image is from here

The home we’ve bought is being sold by a house-flipping company. They just completed a full remodel of this home, and it’s bright and airy. The main living space is very open, and the colors are primarily white and gray. I couldn’t be happier!! I’m excited to add in some mint and copper accents in the kitchen/dining area. Not to mention HOUSEPLANTS!! We finally have enough windows for real, live houseplants!! Anyway, I’m looking at all the mint and copper accent pieces on Amazon, Target, and Wayfair. And I’m in love with them all. 🙂

2. This Outdoor Playhouse and Mud Kitchen

Child's garden playhouse for backyard fun
This image came from here
Child's backyard mud kitchen ideas
This Image came from here

My girls are so excited about having a yard!! I’m excited about one day building a screened porch or 3 season room with a patio extension, getting chickens, building a few raised garden beds, and planting all sorts of beautiful and delicious things! They’re excited about all of those things, too, but they’re mostly excited about outdoor play space to run wild and free. They both have busy imaginations, so I can see endless hours of play happening in the cute little playhouse (which Husband assures me would be pretty simple to build). I can see A&A caring for their babies, hosting tea parties, and making so many wonderful memories here!

My daughters also love to get muddy! So when our dear friends built one of these for their yard, I was just certain my girls would want to go to their house to play with it every day. However, Afton prefers mud on her own terms–meaning she wants to be able to clean up and be done with the mud immediately after playing in it. She doesn’t care how muddy she gets in the playing. She can be absolutely covered in mud and just as happy as can be. But, when she’s done she wants to be done. They’ve been begging for a mud kitchen of their own, and, knowing this about Afton, I can’t wait to build them one!!

3. This Entryway

Shiplap entryway with storage bench and coat hooks.
This Image is from here

Our house has an actual entryway!! I’m picturing a bench with cubbies (custom built by Husband, of course, so it doesn’t feel crowded or clunky), cute wall hooks (probably copper), and a hand-lettered sign that says “home” or “welcome” or something along those lines (I’ll make that–gotta give hubby a break sometime!). And yes, probably the shiplap, too. 😉 Oh, and a large potted plant right about where that grey-blue door is, since our entry is set up a little differently than the one pictured.

4. This Standing Desk in the Office

Home design with white and light wood ladder desk for a home office
This Image is from here

The space we’ll designate as our home office/guest room is long and narrow, so we’ll have to make sure both are efficient as well as pretty. I love the idea of a ladder desk. It provides some storage while still being aesthetically pleasing. I would use fewer large baskets than the one pictured above because I don’t want it to look cluttered. And no cow skull, either. 🙂 But yes houseplants!!!

5. This Patio

Home design with outdoor patio seating area and table
This Image is from here

One of our top hopes/plans for our home is for it to be a place of extreme hospitality. I have dreams of a huge farmhouse table in the dining room, no TV because we prefer books and good conversation anyway (we have never had a TV), and a patio like the one pictured. We want to host family, friends, neighbors, and strangers. We’ll grill out. Our kids will play and get muddy. I’ll make some wonderful dessert. And we’ll love people. That’s what a home is for, in our opinion. And I can’t wait!!

As we box up all our belongings for the last time in a long while, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking, praying, and dreaming about our new home. I’m so excited for everything from the chickens and farmhouse dining room table to the hospitality and memories we’ll make. From the home design and making it beautiful, homey, and functional to the love we’ll grow and show while living there.

I can’t wait to share more!

So tell me, what are you goals and dreams for your home?

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*Cover image taken by Photos By Lexi M
Our family

April 26, 2019

  1. Liz says:

    Yes to all the mint and copper!! I have copper accents in my kitchen (mint wouldn’t jive with my brown cabinets).

    And that playhouse?? So adorable!

    PS So nice to meet you on Wednesday and congrats on the house!!

    • amyledyard says:

      Thank you!! It was so great to meet you!! I hope we get to see you at lots of future Wild and Free events!! We’d love to have you over once we’re in the new house!!

  2. Hubs says:

    What? no cow skull?

  3. Jennifer Caraccio says:

    I know where you can get a huge farmhouse table : )
    Love your picks! Can’t wait to visit them all! xo

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