Green Gables Farms

Green, rolling hills. Horses whinnying down the lane. A long, curving tree-lined driveway. An old oak tree where all your guests will surround you as your say your vows. A rustic stone barn-style pavilion where you’ll dance the night away with your new husband and all your friends and family. And a team who cares as much about you and your wedding day as you do. If this sounds like your idea of the perfect wedding venue then check out Green Gables Farms. And keep reading because this one just keeps getting better and better! 😊

A Green Gables Farms Wedding

Picture this….

You and all your bridesmaids crammed into your car. It’s loaded down with brunch and mimosa ingredients, bridesmaid dresses, and, most importantly, your dress. You turn your car into the Green Gables Farms driveway and curve your way down the lane to the house where you and your best friends will spend the morning getting ready, laughing, and remembering all the moments that brought you here to this one. You snack on brunch-y things, sip mimosas, and prepare for the most amazing day of your life so far.

Finally, standing in front of the full-length mirror, you watch as your mom zips your dress. Your best friend fluffs your veil and helps button your shoes. And, at last, you look like a bride. You turn to give your mom a hug and notice that she’s crying.

The Perfect Day

Your first look and family/bridal party portraits pass by in a blur until finally it’s time for your ceremony. You hear the music as you make your way to the top of the aisle. Your dad looks at you, smiles with tears in his eyes, and offers you his arm. As the two of you walk slowly down the aisle you notice all the many people who came today to show you their love and support. Looking up, you lock eyes with the man who will become your husband in just a few more minutes. You notice he has tears in his eyes, too.

At last you reach the end of the aisle, give your dad a kiss, pass your bouquet to your maid of honor, and join hands with this man who’s won your heart. After the ceremony, as your guests make their way over to the barn for cocktail hour, you and your brand new husband sneak away for just a few moments. The sun is setting and casting its golden glow over all of Green Gables Farm. Your husband reaches down and takes your hand as you walk slowly down the tree-lined path. As excited as you are to join your guests and get the party started, you both need this. Just a few moments to pause and soak in the fact that you’re now husband and wife. The horses come over to the fence to say hello, and crickets chirp under the trees.

These few stolen moments were just what you needed, and the two of you soon turn back to join your guests. You spend the next couple of hours dancing in the pavillion with your friends and family while fireflies light up the rolling countryside around you. It was the perfect day at Green Gables Farms.

Green Gables Farm Outdoor Wedding Venue near Charlotte NC
Green Gables Farms Drive; Wedding venue Charlotte NC
Green Gables Farms pavilion and drive; Charlotte NC wedding venue
White and brown paint hourse
Green Gables Farms ceremony site and barn
Bridal suite at Green Gables Farms
Reception space at Green Gables Farms outdoor wedding venue
Rolling fields at Green Gables Farms; outdoor wedding venue near Charlotte NC
Green Gables Farms Charlotte NC wedding venue

And, if you missed it, I share the final piece of The Story of us earlier this week! Check it out!

Green Gables Farms outdoor wedding venue near Charlotte NC

May 15, 2019

  1. Good morning Amy,
    These pictures are breathtaking and your blog is wonderful! Is there a way for me to put this on facebook or my website? I am not tech savy at all and I would love to use this. You are wonderful at what you do!

    • amyledyard says:

      Hey Susan! I’m so glad you love this! Feel free to share it by copying and pasting the link! I don’t know of any other way to get it on Facebook. 🙂

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