Freedom Park Engagement: Katie and Josh

Before jumping into today’s Freedom Park engagement, I want to tell you a little story.

They met at Wingate University through mutual friends. Katie was still a student, but Josh had already graduated. Nevertheless, he had no problems coming back to campus to spend time with this girl who had the most striking blue eyes. One of their favorite dates was to picnic by the campus lake, and they did this frequently.

In fact, they have so many memories by that lake that Josh decided it would be the perfect place to add one more memory. The day could not have been more beautiful as they spread their blanket in the grass. Katie didn’t think too much of it as they sat enjoying their picnic and talking. But then the conversation changed a little, and Josh started talking about the future. And then, just like that, he took a knee and asked her a very important question.

She said yes.

A Freedom Park Engagement

When I first met Josh and Katie I could immediately see the respect and love they have for one another. The way they defer to one another and genuinely care what the other has to say and how the other feels is obvious from the first interaction. They laugh together and take care of one another and are so sweetly in love, and they are so fun to be with!

When they were choosing an engagement session location they took a day to explore Charlotte checking out any number of parks and hidden corners until they found the exact perfect spot: Freedom Park. They fell in love with the bridges and the trees and the water; I can’t think of a better spot to capture this season of their life.

Josh and Katie, you two are fun, compassionate, and the perfect mix of kindness and sarcasm. I loved spending an evening with you and am so excited for your wedding next November!! Congratulations on your engagement!!

November 22, 2019

  1. Donna Trimble says:

    These are awesome. They capture these two and their feelings for each other perfectly.

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