Roadtrip: Tennessee, Indiana, and Kentucky Pt 1

Who Doesn’t Love a Good Roadtrip?

We love to travel. Husband and I met at summer camp, started dating in Tanzania, got engaged in Costa Rica, and have since visited 25 states and several countries together. We have plans to add another country or two in 2019 (hello Zambia and possibly the Netherlands!!) and recently set a goal to visit a minimum of one new state/year until we’ve been to all 50.

So, when Kyle’s aunt asked us if we wanted to take over their reservation for a week they’d planned to be in French Lick, Indiana we said, “Sure!” The reason they couldn’t go isn’t a happy one, and we hate that. We hate it so much and hope they’ll be able to re-plan their trip out there soon!

French Lick is a small resort town in Southern Indiana about an hour and a half from Louisville, Kentucky. We were especially eager to go on this roadtrip because Kyle’s sister lives in Louisville, and she and her husband just had their first baby! So, roadtrip as a family, visiting a new state (for me–I’d never been to Indiana before), and getting to snuggle a brand new baby nephew all in one? What could be more ideal?!?

Let’s Hit the Road

When we started planning out our roadtrip we quickly realized that a detour through Nashville, TN would only add about an hour to the total trip time. Neither of us had ever been to Nashville, and we’d heard that it’s a cool city. However, we’ve already been to TN, so it wasn’t a super high priority (Memphis, however…yes, sign us up, mostly so we can walk around singing this). That is, Nashville wasn’t a super high priority until our dear friends moved out there earlier this summer.

So, we coordinated with them and took a night in Nashville on our way out. And, let me just say that, if Nashville isn’t on your list, you should add it asap. We only had 24 hours there, but that was enough to know that we’d love a longer visit next time!

24 Hours in Nashville

We actually slept in Mt. Juliet and had the best burgers ever at Burger Republic. So. Delicious. Then on Sunday we met up with our dear friends (their oldest son is one of Afton’s earliest friends, and I had the privilege of photographing their younger son’s birth just over a year ago!). We met for coffee at the Frothy Monkey and then walked up the road for donuts at Five Daughters. My coffee of choice at the Frothy Monkey was their seasonal special Whiskey Maple Latte, and it was exceptional. The girls shared a Cranberry-Pistachio donut from Five Daughters, and husband and I split and shared a 100 Layer Molasses Pecan Pie donut and a Pumpkin Chocolate Paleo donut. Let’s just say that none of us were disappointed in the least. And by that I mean you have to try these things.

Latte from the Frothy Monkey

Yummm, I could drink this latte every single day!

A donut from Five Daughters Nashville TN

This girl looooves a donut; make it a pink donut, and it’s basically manna from Heaven.

Five Daughters Nashville TN

A donut from Five Daughters Nashville TN

Eagerly awaiting her piece of donut

A donut from Five Daughters Nashville TN Five Daughters Nashville TN A donut from Five Daughters Nashville TN Nashville, TN from the road

Our time in Nashville was far too short. There are so many things there to see and do, and we only hit the tiniest tip of the iceburg. But, we had to check-in at the resort in French Lick by 5pm, and, thanks to the time difference between Southern Indiana and Nashville, we had to hit the road. Check back in next Tuesday for more!

And, until then, come say “Hi” on Instagram and tell me where you’ve been traveling! Or, where you want to be traveling! We can always use ideas for places to add to our bucket list! 🙂

Charlotte Coffee Shops; latte; coffee shop; Friday Fives

November 27, 2018

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