McGill Rose Garden

Tucked away just north of Uptown Charlotte is one of the prettiest hidden gems Charlotte has to offer. And, luckily for couples planning smaller, more intimate weddings (around 100 people or fewer) this beautiful spot just happens to be a wedding venue. McGill Rose Garden is an historic garden in the NoDa arts district of Charlotte, and it is stunning.

Paths wind throughout the garden and take you to hidden nooks that never fail to surprise and delight. An old train car provides a unique backdrop at one end of the garden. Locally crafted sculptures and art are displayed throughout the garden, as well. And, everywhere you look there’s something in bloom.

Roses line the pathways; daisies and lilies play peek-a-boo; an herb garden offers its rich scents to the air. The warm sunshine sparkles down through the trees. When the sun goes down the fairy lights twinkle and turn the whole garden into a magical wonderland.

A McGill Rose Garden Wedding

Just picture this….

You’re in your dress. The dress you poured over websites and bridal magazines and then spent an entire day (or even days!) searching for. The dress you knew from the moment you put it on that it was the exact one you wanted to wear on your wedding day. Your mom buttons all the tiny buttons on your back. Next your sister places your veil in the perfect spot in your carefully styled hair. Then, your maid of honor helps you with your shoes. And finally, at last, you’re ready.

You slip out into the garden. At the end of one of the path’s twists is a beautiful arbor. And, under it, stands your soon-to-be husband. Slowly, carefully, you walk toward him. When you’re just a few steps away, you call his name. He turns, and his jaw drops. Tears fill his eyes as he pulls you into his arms for a hug. Quietly he whispers in your ear, “You are the most beautiful woman in the world.”

From your few stolen moments during your first look you move on to the ceremony. The sun is setting, and your guests sit smiling while you and your beloved vow to love, honor, and cherish one another forever. And, afterwards, with twinkle lights sparkling all around you, and the air sweet with the rich scent of roses, you dance the night away surrounded by your friends and family. And, most importantly, in the arms of your brand new husband.

The Perfect Day

McGill Rose Garden is a treasure. Its close proximity to Charlotte is invaluable, and the team there truly does everything possible to make your day as smooth and perfect as any day could ever be. Ashlyn and the others will hear your vision and work tirelessly to make it your dream come true day. If you’re planning a wedding in Charlotte, and you’re looking for a gorgeous, intimate, unique venue then look no further than McGill Rose Garden.

Entrance to McGill Rose Garden
McGill Rose Garden sitting nook and roses; White rose; Charlotte NC wedding venue
Charlotte Wedding Venue; McGill Rose Garden
Rose garden sitting nook
McGill Rose Garden details and nooks; Charlotte NC wedding venue
McGill Rose Garden details and artwork
Coral roses in a Charlotte NC rose garden
McGill Rose Garden ceremony location and hidden gems; Charlotte NC wedding venue
Charlotte NC rose garden

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McGill Rose Garden Entrance

May 10, 2019

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