Freedom Park Engagement: Traci and Ezhil

Have you ever met someone whose excitement and love for life was completely evident and entirely contagious? Now double that, and put those two people in a marriage! That is the best way I could possibly describe Traci and Ezhil, and I am so excited to share their Freedom Park Engagement Session today!

How It All Began

They met online, and their first date was at a local brewery. They recognized a love for life in each other and instantly connected. Things progressed from there until one day…

Ezhil took Traci on an extra date. They went on a walk by the beautiful Lake Michigan. She had no idea what was coming. But the longer they walked, the faster his heart beat. He wanted this moment to be perfect. Beyond perfect. He had a spot scouted out, but, when they got there, other people were already enjoying his spot!! So they walked a little more. And then a little more!

Finally, this perfect location was vacant. Ezhil expertly guided them to it, and standing out together on the dock he asked her a question.

“Traci, will you go on adventures with me for the rest of our lives?”

“Of course!”

She didn’t quite get the gravity of the question at first.

“No. Traci, I mean for the rest of our lives!”

“Oh!! YES!!!”

She accepted with all joy.

A Freedom Park Engagement

Meeting Traci and Ezhil for their Freedom Park engagement session was such a delight! Their way of being together is one of the sweetest things I’ve ever witnessed! And I loved hearing their stories! Stories of fun things they’ve shared and things that have made them laugh. Adventures together and simple moments that they’ll never forget. Times when they rode on the same scooter because they could only find one to rent but had a 4-mile trek back to their car. Moments that they wrote down on wine bottle corks to save because they never wanted to forget them. And weekends apart reading through all of the corks they’ve collected because they missed one another.

Traci and Ezhil, you two were made for one another! I know you have a lifetime of beautiful moments ahead, and I wish you both every joy and blessing! Congratulations!!

Freedom Park Engagement Session, Charlotte NC
Freedom Park Engagement Photography on the Stone Bridge
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Freedom Park Engagement Session in Charlotte NC
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Freedom Park Engagement Photography by the lake in Charlotte NC
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Freedom Park Engagement Photography in Charlotte NC

May 4, 2019

  1. Sarah says:

    I absolutely love the pics and you really can tell how much you love each other and are meant to be together. You guys are so perfect together!

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