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The ALP Wedding Experience

The Why

The day Husband and I married was one of the best and most important days of our lives. I hadn’t begun my own wedding photography business at that point, and it was honestly something I knew nothing about at the time.

As a result we didn’t assign much of our budget to hiring a wedding photographer, and this is something I still regret today. But regret is the number one thing that I NEVER want someone who hires me to be their wedding photographer to feel.

The What

Every single couple deserves to have gorgeous photography of their day. Each love story deserves to be told through images that will last a lifetime and re-tell the story for generations to come. This is my top goal.

A close second, however, is the experience. It shouldn’t be stressful or difficult or frustrating or disappointing. From the initial meeting to the delivery of the final gallery and beyond, every step should be enjoyable and fun.

You see, the honest truth is that I care about your story and truly want to tell it! It’s worth hearing and seeing! And, one day, you’ll have children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren, and these images will be a part of your legacy: a legacy of love. What’s more is that I believe in your marriage. The wedding is so important, but it’s not worth getting so stressed over that you start your entire marriage off on the wrong foot.

This is where I come in: in the middle of your stress to take one whole worry off your plate (photography) and to encourage you that marriage is worth it.

A mini at-home spa kit

A sample spa kit–they’re never perfectly identical because I don’t buy the items in bulk, but it gives you an idea of what you could reasonably expect. 🙂

The How

So, how do I do all that I just described? In several ways, to be honest, but I’m not going to describe all of them in this blog post. In fact, I’m not going to explain all of them in any blog post ever because I want to keep some surprises!! I don’t want to ruin all of them!! But I do want to give you an idea of what you can expect, so here are my top 3 favorite ways to spoil each couple that hires Amy Ledyard Photography.

  1. Mini at-home spa kits: When wedding planning stress starts to get you down, these little kits come to your rescue. Take an evening, light a candle, eat some chocolate, soak in the tub, and relax. 🙂

    A white candle in a spa kit

    This candle smelled so fresh!

  2. Date night: a couple of weeks before your wedding I love to send each couple a little gift card for a coffee date for just the two of you. The reasons for this are two-fold. For one thing, wedding planning can become stressful and overwhelming at times; sometimes an hour or two away from it is just want you need! Secondly, start the practice of regular date nights now while it’s easy. It’ll carry you through anything that comes your way!
  3. Time of pronunciation: This isn’t possible at every single wedding, but I always try to make it happen if at all possible. When Husband and I married, his great uncle made note of the precise moment we were pronounced Husband and Wife. I didn’t know it was a piece of information I wanted, but now I am so thankful to know that we officially became man and wife at 3:38:42 on May 12, 2012. And now it’s something I love to do for my couples whenever possible. There are days when marriage isn’t easy. You will have disagreements and misunderstandings and sometimes even outright fights, but, if you go back to that moment when you became husband and wife and remember the love, pride, and excitement you felt at that exact moment, you’ll never go too far wrong. 🙂
The clock bearing the time the bride and groom were pronounced man and wife

This is one of my favorite images from Steve and Gaby’s wedding. This clock overlooks their ceremony site, so, at the precise moment they were pronounced man and wife, I snapped this photo. They officially became husband and wife at 4:17pm.

So, that’s a small taste to give you an idea of the Amy Ledyard Photography Experience. I love all my couples and see it as a real honor and privilege to be there celebrating and documenting the day you and your favorite person become a family! And, at the end of the day if you 1. Have amazing images that tell your story and allow you to relive it forever and 2. Can look back and feel cared for and like an extra friend was right there with you celebrating and believing in you then I’ll consider my job well done. 🙂

What do you hope to experience from your wedding photography?

ALP mini at home spa kit

The full spa kit


October 4, 2018

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