Waxhaw NC Wedding Venue: Red Barn Events

It all started more than a generation ago on a family homestead in Waxhaw, NC. No one then could’ve guessed that the old cattle barn would be transformed into a gorgeous Waxhaw, NC wedding venue. From farm equipment and cows to bearing witness to countless love stories over the years–if only walls could talk!!

Red Barn Events hosted their first wedding in 2013 and only continues to grow. When owners Doug and Christi’s daughter was planning her own wedding they hustled for two months, remodeled the barn, and created something beautiful for their daughter’s big day. And now they host 40+ weddings and events each year! With unique touches everywhere you look, it is easy to picture your wedding here.

Let’s Dream a Little

Your white dress fits perfectly. The breeze gently teases your veil as you and your dad walk up to the white sliding barn doors. The doors have been set up on the front lawn by the lake, and you can’t wait to see the transformation that’s taken place on their other side. At last, the music changes. As you take your dad’s arm, you lock eyes with him for just a second and see tears in his eyes. You smile. The doors open.

The other side is a dream come true! Old fashioned church pews create an intimate sanctuary under the trees, and the aisle leads right through them to the cross. A flower arrangement more beautiful than you could’ve imagined sprays across the cross, and the lake glitters in the background.

And, the best part? Your soon-to-be husband–the man of your dreams!!–stands in front of the cross, the biggest smile on his face, waiting for you. You make your way down the aisle and exchange vows surrounded by friends and family.

A Reception of Rustic Elegance

After vows and pictures and dinner the real party can finally start. Market lights stretch out above you, and fireflies dance under the trees surrounding the barn. The music plays, and you, your husband, and your guests dance the night away under the stars. As the sun sets, and the stars come out one by one you can only look at your brand new husband and smile. It’s been a perfect day. Or, as the sign says, “Every Day is a Great Day!” Especially when you marry your best friend. 🙂

A Waxhaw NC Wedding Venue

So, if you like rustic elegance and the unique touch that only a family-run venue can provide, look no further than Red Barn Events. Doug and Christi are two of the kindest, most welcoming people you’ll ever meet. They go above and beyond for each couple, and each couple is immediately welcomed into the Red Barn Events family. They love to make your wedding dreams come true, and they themselves are a dream to work with.

Waxhaw NC Wedding Venue; Red Barn Events Waxhaw NC; Charlotte wedding
Bed Barn Events Waxhaw
Waxhaw NC wedding venue; Red Barn Events
Waxhaw NC wedding venue
Barn wedding; waxhaw nc wedding venue
Red Barn events Waxhaw; Waxhaw NC wedding venue
Barn details at Red Barn Events Waxhaw
Inside the barn and grounds at Red Barn Events; Waxhaw NC wedding venue
Reception area at Red Barn Events; Waxhaw NC wedding venue

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Red Barn Events Waxhaw NC Wedding venue

July 3, 2019

  1. Amy,
    Thank you! For painting such a beautiful picture of the reality of the farm! Your gift of words and talent with photography are amazing!!
    Thank you! For making the first efforts at building a relationship with us. I’m looking forward to working with you.
    Thank you! For allowing me to spend time with your precious daughters! I hope you’ll bring them over again for another visit soon!

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