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If you’ve been on social media at all over the last few months then you’ve seen a lot of hype about the 2022/2023 wedding boom. Every word of it is true– wedding vendors are booking like crazy right now, and those dates (especially popular May/June and September/October dates) are booking so quickly. So, just to reiterate– reach out to your dream vendors (especially the biggies: venue, photographer, videographer, floral design, wedding planner, etc) ASAP! Seriously. Run. Don’t walk. 😉

But, the point of this post isn’t to reiterate a social media theme regardless of how true it is. This post (and the rest of the series to come) is to help out the ones who haven’t gone into wedding planning with an idea of who they want to book. What about the brides who have no idea where to start? The ones who pull up a Google or Pinterest search, see the thousand results, and immediately feel overwhelmed? And now we’re adding the pressure of a wedding boom? I feel for those brides, and I want to help them out. So, I’m starting a series on the blog and on Instagram highlighting some of my favorite vendors. And anyone who sees a vendor and falls in love– reach out!! They’re truly incredible people, knowledgeable vendors, and amazing to work with!

Today we’re talking about my Top 5 Charlotte Wedding Venues. If you missed last week, check out my top 5 Charlotte floral designers here.

Whitehead Manor

Whitehead Manor is honestly one of the most amazing Charlotte wedding venues. It’s not far from Uptown, and it boasts stunning grounds, a gorgeous house, and one of the most unique ceremony spots you’ll find anywhere. They have an old tree that grew to form a perfect arch, and it is truly breathtaking. The patio area can hold a tent, or you can host an open-air reception. The covered porches offer additional space for reception tables if you’re having a bigger wedding. You can check out this blog post I wrote about them for more images and information. I’ve also linked their website above.

Charlotte Wedding Venues Whitehead Manor ceremony site and house
Charlotte wedding venues Whitehead Manor reception space

VanLandingham Estate

The VanLandingham Estate is one of my very favorite Charlotte wedding venues. Located in the Plaza Midwood neighborhood, there are countless options for hotels and restaurants for your out of town guests. And the venue itself has everything you could ever want in a wedding venue and more. A luxurious, light-filled bridal suite, a comfortable groom’s suite, and too many gorgeous options for the ceremony and reception than is even right. 🙂 They’ve also been featured on my blog recently, if you want to see more. You can also check out their website at the link above.

Charlotte wedding venues The VanLandingham Estate

North Corner Haven

If you’ve followed me for any amount of time then you know that I have the privilege of shooting at North Corner Haven quite a bit, and I will NEVER be sad about this. Located about 30 minutes south of Charlotte, North Corner Haven is a family farm with an elegant and modern barn, the best bridal suite of any venue ever, plus a vineyard, an orchard, fields of waving grasses and wildflowers, and really just more options for the ceremony and portraits than any one wedding timeline could ever allow. You can see them all over my blog here, here, and here. Or click the link above for their website.

Charlotte Wedding Venues North Corner Haven
Charlotte Wedding Venues North Corner Haven

The Andrews Farm

I visited the Andrews Farm for the first time this spring, and I still haven’t gotten over it. This is another family run venue, and it honestly feels like you’re stepping onto the grounds of a European villa. I’m dying to shoot a wedding here because, again, the options are endless. You can truly make any wedding dream or idea a reality whether you’re wanting a secret forest wedding or an elegant villa-side event or anything in between. You can see more on my blog here or by clicking the link above to go to their website.

Charlotte Wedding Venues the Andrews Farm
Charlotte Wedding Venues the Andrews Farm

Camellia Gardens

Camellia Gardens is another of my long-time favorite Charlotte wedding venues. With tons of secret garden nooks, a lake, old trees through which the golden hour sun quite literally sparkles, and some of the sweetest venue staff on the planet, you really cannot go wrong with a Camellia Gardens wedding. I have two more weddings coming up there this fall, and I’m ecstatic! For more, check out this blog feature or click on the link above for their website.

Charlotte Wedding Venues Camellia Gardens
Charlotte Wedding Venues the Camellia Gardens

Top 5 Charlotte Wedding Venues

As with so many vendors, there are so many incredible Charlotte wedding venues. It was really hard to just pick five! And these five aren’t in any sort of order or ranking. I merely listed out my 5 favorites. Butttt, maybe I’ll have to do a part 2 because there are still some amazing venues I haven’t named yet!! 🙂

September 1, 2021

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