Outer Banks Beach Engagement

Brianna and Sergio

It seems a far cry from the stunning Outer Banks Beach Engagement session I’m about to share, but this story actually begins over 20 years ago. One December morning when I was 8 years old I remember the phone in my parents’ house ringing. It was my brother in law, and he called to tell us about my firstborn niece who had just arrived. He told us that she was perfect. And she was!

That perfect baby girl, Brianna, is now one of the most compassionate and beautiful adults I know! And, while working as an RA in college she met Sergio. They found themselves locking eyes a lot and trying to find excuses to talk. And when they did talk it didn’t matter if the cafeteria was packed with every student at UNC-A; it was like they were the only two people on the planet.

At the time Brianna could only marvel at the depth of conversation they reach almost immediately. No subject was too deep; they discussed everything from family and their childhoods to religion and the world. They talked about their dreams for the future and where they saw themselves fitting into the wide world around them. It was at one such that Sergio first mentioned just how much potential he saw for them together. Brianna was surprised–in the best way possible!

The Engagement

Their friendship grew quickly, and, after a few months, they decided that they both wanted more than just friendship. They were just too right together. And then, early last fall on a hike, Sergio asked her if she’d spend her life with him.

Brianna, of course, was all too happy to say “Yes!!”

An Outer Banks Beach Engagement

Last week almost our whole family was able to spend vacation together at the Outer Banks. It was so wonderful to spend the time together, but one of the highlights for me was taking these engagement portraits for Brianna and Sergio!! They’re planning their wedding for next summer, and I absolutely can’t wait to capture that, too!!

Brianna and Sergio, hearing about your dreams and plans and all the big ways you’re already impacting the world and making it better was a total delight! You’ve done great things apart for long enough, and I am so excited to see all the great things you’ll do together! Your love for each other, the fun you have together, and the foundation of integrity you’ve built it all on will make for a beautiful marriage. I am beyond excited for you, and I love you tons!!

Outer Banks Beach Engagement portraits
Outer Banks Beach Engagement session
Outer Banks Beach Engagement
Outer Banks Beach Engagement
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Corolla Beach NC; Engagement session; engagement photography
Corolla Beach NC; Engagement session; engagement photography
Outer Banks Beach Engagement photography
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Corolla Beach NC; Engagement session; engagement photography; Outer Banks Beach engagement
Outer Banks Beach Engagement portrait session
Corolla Beach NC; Engagement session; engagement photography

I’ll be back Friday with another wedding favor idea, and we’ll continue the I’ve Never Loved You More series next Monday!!

June 26, 2019

  1. Jennifer Caraccio says:

    My heart is full-of gratitude that I have a sister with such talent and a daughter with such inner and outer beauty and a future son-in-law that is such a perfect match for our girl. I can’t wait to see all of this unfold. Love you, Amy, the photos are stunning! I love how you take the time to add your own perspective in words along with the 1000s included in the photos. ❤️

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