The Ivy Place

Wedding Venue Perfection

Nestled on 33 acres just south of Charlotte there’s a dreamy house and garden that is absolutely perfect. The Ivy Place is a family-owned wedding venue that became a wedding venue quite by accident. The Graham family has owned The Ivy Place for generations now. After their daughters married there, friends and family begged them to consider making it an official Charlotte wedding venue.

They finally did, and they’ve been going strong ever since! And it’s easy to see why. If choices are what you’re looking for in your venue then you need to visit The Ivy Place. From the beautiful farmhouse-style home to the immaculate gardens with a small network of trails to the fountains and arbors, Genie showed me no fewer than 5 popular ceremony locations. And each was more beautiful than the last!

Are you dreaming of a garden wedding? Or how about a rustic arbor under an old oak tree? Or maybe you’d prefer the beautiful porch as your backdrop? The Ivy Place offers all of these and more.

Can You Picture It?

The morning dawns bright and clear, the perfect day. You glance up the hill from your little bridal cottage to the big house and can’t help but think about the fact that your very-soon-to-be husband is in there. Somehow just that thought makes the butterflies double!

Surrounded by your mom, sisters, and girlfriends you pop champagne for mimosas and, at long last, step into your dress. As your mom buttons it you lock eyes with your Maid of Honor. You both tear up. And then you laugh. She comes over, fluffs your veil, and then steps aside for you to look in the mirror….

For the ceremony you chose the arbor under the oak tree. As you get out of the car to go down the aisle, your dad offers you his arm. He smiles. He tells you how beautiful you are. And then you walk. As you make your way down the aisle you see how many people have come together just to celebrate your love story. After months of choosing details and wrestling with a seating chart, you can see exactly how worth it all was!

And, the best part is, at the top of the aisle is your groom. The man who is minutes away from becoming your husband! You smile as he wipes tears. He looks so handsome standing there under the floral-draped arbor! You finally reach him, take his hands, and listen as the officiant begins the ceremony….

After the ceremony is over, and the reception is winding down you and your brand new husband prepare to leave. Your mom has packed a goody basket since you didn’t have much chance to actually eat, and it’s in the get-away car. You listen as your guests line up outside the tent. When everyone is ready, the two of you run down the line. Bubbles fill the air along with cheers from your family and dearest friends. At the end of the line, your husband pulls you in for one last kiss before you duck into a car that’s almost unrecognizable thanks to the bridal party’s graffiti and enthusiasm. You drive away, the cheers of your loved ones following you all the way down the gravel drive. And then, alone at last. Husband and Wife at last.

The Ivy Place Experience

Doesn’t it sound so beautiful!! From the beautiful bridal cottage for getting ready to the elaborate gardens for your First Look. From the gorgeous ceremony locations to your reception under the cathedral-style tent. And finally, all the way down to your grand exit under the trellis The Ivy Place takes care of every single detail in a way that is unparalleled.

If you’d like to learn more about The Ivy Place you can find them online here. Give them a call, go visit, and start planning the garden wedding of your dreams!

The Ivy Place house wedding venue
Wedding ceremony locations
The Grand Exit Trellis
Can’t you just see your Grand Exit happening under these beautiful trellises!
The Ivy Place home and gardens
Azalea blooms in the garden
The Ivy Place home and getaway tunnel trellis for weddings
The Ivy Place
The Ivy Place Home
The Ivy Place Home and Wedding Venue

April 17, 2019

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