Friday 5’s: 5 Unique Wedding Favors

There are countless decisions to make when planning a wedding. And we all want to do something unique. Or, at least, something that feels unique! I remember sitting down with my mom and sisters to plan my own wedding. My sister said at one point, “Oh! And I’ll take care of the favors.” I remember thinking, “FAVORS?!? I didn’t even know I needed to come up with a favor!” I had zero ideas or opinions on the wedding favor, so, just in case that’s you, too, I thought for this Friday 5’s it might be helpful to share 5 Unique Wedding Favors.

It’s going to be a bit different, though. Normally I list all five of the Friday 5’s out in one post. That will not be the case here. You see, some of these unique wedding favors have a deeper meaning. I want to be able to share why these are meaningful and significant as well as unique. So, I’m going to make this a series, and I’ll share one each Friday for the next few weeks. When able, I’ll also share links, so, should you choose to go with one of these ideas, you can easily order/plan/arrange for that directly from the blog post.

The Role of Pinterest

Wedding planning and DIYing your wedding got a lot easier when Pinterest came into being. Now, millions of wedding ideas are all in the same place, and there are so many that it would be impossible to even find them all. Brides went from having to plan their weddings based on their own ideas and ideas they’d seen at friends’ weddings to gleaning inspiration from million dollar styled shoots that took place two years ago on the other side of the world. The sky truly became the limit.

That being said, none of these wedding favor ideas came from Pinterest. Some, or even all, may be there if you were to do a search, but I intentionally refrained from searching before writing these. 🙂

So, without further ado, I bring you

5 Unique Wedding Favors: Part 1

1. Let Love Bloom/Grow: Wildflower Seeds

Unique wedding favor wildflower seeds; queen anne's lace blooming

I love this idea so much! Who doesn’t love flowers?? And it’s such a beautiful way to make the beauty and the memories of one of the most important days of your life last well beyond the actual day. And not just for you! You could literally have gardens blooming near and far, all in honor of your wedding day!

Beyond the obvious symbols of life and beauty that I think apply to all flowers, many specific flowers have individual significance, as well. For example, asters and sunflowers are both symbols of devotion. Daisies are symbols of purity. Anemone are symbols of expectation and good luck. Cornflowers symbolize prosperity and friendship. Dahlias are symbols of commitment. And on and on it goes!! What a perfect gift to send home with your guests!

Unique wedding favor wildflower seeds

If you agree that wildflower seeds are perfect unique wedding favor then check out the following three Etsy shops! This one sells beautifully customized envelopes that come pre-filled with wildflower seeds. They allow you to customize your colors, font, and message to perfectly suit your wedding! This one sells little paper hearts that have the seeds directly embedded into them; all you have to do is plant that little heart and wait for your wildflowers to grow! And this one is kind of a combination of the two previous ones in that it’s a plant-able paper heart embedded with seeds, but it comes attached to a customizable card.

Queen Anne's Lace blooming; wildflowers; summer wildflowers

Do you already have your favors planned? Tell me about it below! And, if you’re interested in more Friday Fives goodness, check out this one from a few weeks ago!

Wildflower seeds; unique wedding favor

May 31, 2019

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