Fort Mill Wedding Venue: The Belle Crane Inn

They built the house in the 1950s, and, if walls could talk, these particular walls would share memories of the family that grew there. But, time marched on. The little town around the original house grew. The children grew up and started families of their own in homes of their own.

But one of those children, Mrs. Margaret Barber, had other ideas for her childhood house. She believes in preserving the old so that future generations can share in it and enjoy it, too. So Mrs. Barber and her husband moved the original house to its current location. They added wide, wrap-around screened porches and landscaped around the magnificent magnolia trees all around the property. And now, after beginning its life as a single-family home, the Belle Crane Inn is a Fort Mill wedding venue that overflows with southern charm, elegance, comfort, and hospitality.

Mrs. Barber has carefully designed a wedding experience that is unparalleled. She mixes all of the classic charm and elegance naturally found at the Belle Crane Inn with warm hospitality, and the result is stunning. In her words, she wants people to feel like they’ve just gotten married at Grandma’s [beautiful, elegant, classic] house. And she creates that atmosphere to perfection.

A Fort Mill Wedding Venue

Just picture this: your wedding day has finally arrived. You’re surrounded by your bridesmaids, your mom, and your grandmothers. You’re all enjoying mimosas and snacks in a spacious bridal suite with the full confidence. As your mom zips your dress and fluffs your veil, you glance in the mirror and are astonished at the beautiful bride looking back at you.

You carefully make your way down the stairs where your dad is waiting to walk you down the aisle. He wraps you in one of his famous bear hugs and whispers that no bride has ever been more gorgeous. You smile, say a quick prayer of thanks for waterproof mascara, and take your daddy’s arm.

The music changes, your friends and family stand to their feet, and you make your way down the aisle. At the other end stands your soon-to-be husband. He smiles at you through his tears of joy, and the two of you join hands. Then, in front of your most loved ones under the stately magnolias, you vow to love, honor, and cherish one another til death parts you.

Getting Married At Grandma’s House

Later, during the reception, you pause with your brand-new husband to take it all in. As your guests spread out on the porches and around the gorgeous lawn, and you all prepare to dance the night away the two of you can only marvel at how perfectly at home you feel. The day has been perfect, and being able to watch as your family and friends enjoy this perfect day? Well, that’s the icing on the cake.

For more information on the Belle Crane Inn check out their website here. And for more bloggy goodness here is where you can find my own wedding story!

Fort Mill wedding venue Belle Crane Inn

July 10, 2019

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