The Anne Springs Close Greenway Dairy Barn

When I first started this wedding photography business I knew that one of the places I was dying to shoot a wedding was the Anne Springs Closte Greenway Dairy Barn. It is the epitome of rustic elegance and southern charm, and it is gorgeous! From the dramatic windows and arches to the rolling hills surrounding it, it really has everything you could possibly want from your wedding venue! It was built in 1947 to be an actual dairy barn. Since that time, it’s been completely remodeled to be the beautiful venue it is today. But they did keep two of the original cattle stalls and include them in the remodel. It’s beautiful! The cherry on top is the fact that the staff are some of the warmest, kindest people you’ll ever meet! Caitlin and Heather are their two event people; they’ll both take great care of you and your wedding planning process. Caitlin recently got married at the Greenway Dairy Barn herself, so she knows the ins and outs of planning a wedding there better than anyone!

The Anne Springs Close Greenway Dairy Barn Experience

You hear faint murmuring from all of your guests seated upstairs. Chairs scrape. But then the music starts. The murmur of conversation quiets. Everyone stills. As you, your dad, and your best friends make your way from the bridal suite to the stairs your heart starts to beat a little faster. This is finally happening!!! At last, your friends each give you one last smile and a quick hug before making their way one-by-one down the aisle. Until, at long last, it’s your turn. You take your Daddy’s arm, walk around the corner, and see it all for the first time. The huge arched window. The most beautiful floral arch in front of it. All of your friends and family standing, smiling at you. And, most importantly, the love of your life standing at the front, tears streaming down his face. You smile and walk slowly towards him until, finally, you take his hands.

Just Imagine

After the ceremony everyone makes their way to the patio. Surrounded by green, rolling hills, there couldn’t be a more peaceful, beautiful place to mingle with your friends and family. Market lights stretch across the patio and add the perfect twinkle to the already spectacular sunset. Music plays. You’re holding the hand of your brand new husband. He smiles down at you, and, looking around, you realize that you’ve never been more perfectly happy than you are in this moment.

And finally …

From the patio you and your guests make your way to the main reception. As the doors open before you, your breath catches. You knew it would be beautiful, but you could never have imagined this!  It’s all been prepared for you, and you pause trying to take it all in. Flowers line the center of each table in bright, elegant arrangements. Chandeliers draped in greenery twinkle from the high ceiling. Your guests are laughing. Music is playing. And the smell of the meal you so carefully chose is out of this world. Suddenly, you hear something that sounds strange but somehow familiar: you and your husband’s names. Everyone cheers and claps, and your new husband leads you to your table. The night ends with dancing and a grand exit. Your new life as husband and wife has begun. It was the perfect celebration.

Can You See It?

Could you picture that? Is there a more perfect way to celebrate the best day of your life? If you’re looking for a beautiful venue and the chance to work with people who truly want your day to be the best ever then check out the Anne Springs Close Greenway Dairy Barn. They also have 5 other venues! All are beautiful, and you can find them here.

Anne Springs Dairy Barn Wedding Venue in Fort Mill South Carolina
The Silo and Grounds; Fort Mill wedding venue; Charlotte; Carolinas
Anne Springs Dairy Barn sign; Charlotte, NC wedding venue
The Silo and windmill; Charlotte wedding venue; Fort Mill
Anne Springs Dairy Barn Charlotte NC wedding venue; Fort Mill SC
Anne Springs Dairy Barn wedding; Charlotte NC venue; Carolina bride

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Anne Springs Dairy Barn wedding venue; Fort Mill SC wedding venue

April 10, 2019

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