29 Reasons for 29 Years of YOU: Happy Birthday to My Love!

Today is my man’s 29th birthday, and I want to celebrate him in style! I have a few things up my sleeve, but I want to get the party started right: with a tribute worthy of the most incredible man I know!

Kyle, you swept me off my feet all those years ago in that beautiful, dusty little village of Ntagacha, Tanzania, and you still have my heart today. If I literally shouted my love from the rooftop, I’d be likely to be charged with a noise violation, and I’m not aware of any sky-writers in the area, so this seems like the next best thing. In honor of your 29th birthday, I give you 29 reasons I love you (as always, in no particular order).

  1. You can always make me laugh. No matter the situation, your response can always bring a smile to my face. Whether it’s an organic moment that leaves me in hysterics or an inside joke you bring up at the exact right moment, you can always get me laughing.
  2. You’re always up for an adventure. There’s no one I’d rather travel the world with than you, and I am so blessed and thankful that you want to go to the ends of the earth with me, too. Whether we’re walking down a new street to check out a new coffee shop or planning trips to Africa, Europe, South America, and everywhere in between, you’re by my side excited and ready.
  3. You love Jesus and inspire me to want to know Him better every single day.
  4. You are such a hard worker. I’ve never seen you give anything you put your hand to less than your very best. You keep at a project until it’s completed, and you make sure that it’s all work that you can be proud of. I’m so proud of YOU!
  5. You smell good. It sounds so silly, but it’s true, and I appreciate that I’m not married to a stinky man. 😉
  6. You are easily the smartest person I know. Seriously, you have set out to know a lot about a lot of things, and you really do. From cars to computers to carpentry to finance to theology to politics and beyond, you are so intelligent and well-rounded.
  7. You are so fun to be around! You always have an idea to try out, and I love it!
  8. You are a true servant. From the “care packages” you keep stocked in your truck to pass out to homeless people to the way you love the girls and I so selflessly, you truly embody sacrificial love.
  9. You give generously and in a way that challenges and inspires me to also be generous.
  10. You are so handsome! I’ve been debating for all of these whether to include this one because I know you sometimes feel a little uncomfortable with PDA, but I figure this whole post is PDA, so here it is. 😉 I truly think you’re the most handsome man in the world. Your eyes and your smile and your muscles and your broad shoulders; I think you’re perfect.
  11. You are a good friend to so many people. Whether someone needs an extra set of muscles to help move or a meal or a ride or a listening ear, you never leave people hanging.
  12. Family. I don’t know how to put this without sounding like a total cheeseball, but maybe it’s time I embrace my inner cheeseball, anyway. You love our family so selflessly, and I’m not just talking about our little family of 4. You love the whole kit and caboodle (the only term adequate to describe our ginormous family).
  13. You encourage me to not only chase my dreams but to also dream bigger, more audacious ones. And it goes so far beyond mere encouragement. You do everything you can to help make them happen (including my accounting, for which I’m eternally grateful because NUMBERS <shudder>).
  14. You are the perfect blend of dreamer and realist: the dreamer in you dreams big, crazy, audacious dreams, and the realist makes sure we plan out “when,” “where,” and “how” so that they’ll actually happen.
  15. You’re an amazing cook! You always manage to combine whatever we have on hand and create something delicious. Whether it’s to give me a few extra minutes to work or because one of the babies needs a few more momma cuddles or, as is usually the case, because I’ve waited too late to start meal prep and have no idea what to make, I so appreciate all you do. And, above all, thanks for chopping the onions for me. 🙂
  16. You provide for us so well. I know I already mentioned that you’re a hard worker, but it goes so far beyond that. You make sure that we do so much better than merely surviving. You make sure we thrive.
  17. You’re a hottie. ‘Nuff said.
  18. You’re the best daddy ever. Our girls and all future babies are so blessed to have you.
  19. You’re honest. When it’s easy; when it’s hard; when no one is looking; no matter what, you are always worthy of respect, and I have so much for you.
  20. You treat me like a queen. Hugs and kisses, date nights in and date nights out, quality time, love, support, and so much more. You’re the best. 🙂 And, speaking of support…
  21. You are my personal IT guy, and, by the way, lucky, lucky me because you’re far and away the best in the biz. 😉
  22. You are such an amazing musician! I could listen to you sing and play guitar/drums/bass/anything with strings all day.
  23. You’re dedicated: to your values and your family and your work and bettering yourself and everything else. There’s so very much that I admire about you.
  24. You define for me what it means to be a life-long learner. From books to podcasts to research and beyond, you have such a wide array of interests, and I love talking with you, learning with you, and being challenged by you to also continue learning.
  25. You make me feel beautiful. When I’m at my most fit and healthy and when I was 9 months pregnant and even when I was in that awkward postpartum stage when I still looked pregnant but wasn’t, you always make a point to tell me how gorgeous you find me.
  26. You do the bulk of the driving. I hate driving, and, even though I’m always willing to help and do my fair share, you still do most of it, and I’m so appreciative.
  27. You go along with my over-the-top traditions (even when it means watching the same movies at the same time every year) and you laugh and play with our girls so wholeheartedly, and, to put it simply, you’re my best friend.
  28. You’ve mastered the Art of the Dad Joke, and, even though I roll my eyes, I still love it. 😉
  29. You help, and you share, and you give, and you love, and you never shirk, and you provide, and you slow dance with me in the kitchen, and you adventure, and you don’t stop loving and dreaming.
    And, one to grow on:
  30. You’re the best husband in the world, and I love you with all my heart.

Kyle Ledyard, I would marry you all over again. You have my heart. A list of 100 reasons wouldn’t be long enough to tell you how much you’re loved by myself and so many others.

Happy birthday, My Love.

January 4, 2018

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